Double Raspberry Parfait Pots

Spoil your mummy this Mother’s Day with a simple and easy no bake dessert. Vegan and gluten free, it’s a quick and delicious recipe for everyone to enjoy!

Serves 2

A small punnet of fresh/frozen raspberries 
Up to 5 tablespoons of The Cherry Jam extra raspberry jam 
Up to 5 tablespoons of soya yoghurt (can also use Greek Yoghurt too) 
Up to 4 tablespoons of oat granola 
Freeze dried raspberry pieces and powder, for garnish (optional)A sprig of mint, for garnish


Simply spoon layers of your granola, raspberries, chosen yoghurt and extra raspberry jam between two pots and repeat the layers until you fill your pot. Garnish with extra raspberries, freeze dried raspberry powder (if using) and a sprig of mint. Best served on the day you make the dessert so it’s nice and fresh. 


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