Niki’s Korean Fries


Hey everyone!
Fries. Crunchy polenta dusted fries. Korean gochujang sauce slathered on top. Do I need to say anything else? Didn’t think so. Here’s the simply and tasty recipe…you’re welcome! 

All you need is:
(Serves 2)
(Use natural/organic ingredients where possible) 

400g of French fries, use large floury potatoes for this, King Edward and Maris Piper are best 
2 tablespoons of olive oil, for baking
1 tablespoon of polenta 
1 tablespoon of sesame seeds, toasted (you can also add black sesame seeds for a more smoky flavour too)
1 tablespoon of tamari
2 small garlic cloves, crushed finely 
2 tablespoons of apple juice 
1 teaspoon of coconut sugar
1.5 tablespoons of red pepper gochujang paste
2 teaspoons of red chilli flakes (I used Aleppo chillies flakes) 
1 tablespoon of lemon juice/apple cider vinegar 
1.5 tablespoons of sesame seed oil

For garnishing: 
2 spring onions, chopped up finely 
Extra sesame seeds 

Simply use a whisk or fork and mix all of your gochujang ingredients together vigorously, pour over your French fries and enjoy!
This will store well in your fridge for a good couple of weeks, doubt it will hang around that long though! 
Happy Baking!

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