Niki’s Easy and versatile Mücver (courgette fritters)

This is probably the easiest and most versatile recipe for Mücver ever because although the base for this fritter is grated courgette you can use whatever veg you need to use up! The quantities are also something you can play around with so you can get your Mücver exactly right for you. If you still can’t find flour the you can use oat flour or even a little cornfour to bind it all together and if you can’t find eggs still then you can use flax seed egg in its place and this will make it vegan also.

  1. Grate 2 or 3 courgettes (depending on size and how ‘courgettey’ you want your mücver to be OR you can use carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, cabbage) into a mixing bowl. Some people salt them to get rid of the excess moisture but this is optional, just be sure to get rid of the excess moisture using your hands or a tea towel to ensure a crispy fritter.
  2. Add 2 eggs or flax seed egg. Time for the herbs and spices. A good sprinkling of smoked paprika, dried mint, Aleppo Chilli flakes, sea salt, ground black pepper and some fresh, chopped dill if you can find it OR a pinch of our dried dill will do too!
  3. Give everything a good stir to bring all your ingredients together into a mixture. This is where you need to start adding your flour (can be regular plain flour, milled oatmeal, oat flour, any rye, buckwheat flour really or even cornflour but use half the amount specified). As a very rough guide, you need to add about half to three quarters of a tea mug full of flour. Keep stirring to to get a good consistency and stop adding the flour when you’re happy with it. You need a cross between not too stodgy but not too eggy.
  4. Add a little olive oil to a non-stick frying pan, heat on a medium heat and place a heaped dessert spoonful of your mixture in the pan and flatten it out a little. Fry them for a few minutes on one side until they’re set and golden brown and then use a spatula to flip them over. Fry them in batches until you’ve used all your mixture and let them cool down and drain on kitchen roll. Allow to cool and serve on a bed of natural Greek yoghurt, edible garnishes and extra spices, if desired.

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