Niki’s Honey Saragli

Baklava…sweet syrupy, crunchy, sticky, chewy baklava…can a sweet treat get any better than this? This is my first time trying my hand at baklava and I have gone for the easiest version, which is rolled. ? This traditional Greek sweet is called “Saragli” and is a lovely combination of crunchy sheets of phyllo, sweet syrup, spices and nuts. It will certainly not let you down because the technique couldn’t be easier, anyone can do it.

On a side note, can we really say that baklava is a Greek dessert? Well… Nothing is less certain! And of course, I know that I am going into a sensitive topic when it comes to the national identity of this dessert that is known all over the world…but you know what? ? Who bloody cares where it’s from? With nearly 200 different flavours to choose from, it’s clear that this dessert is first and foremost about the love and cooking and not war.

For my first attempt at saragli, I am really pleased at how it turned out. The honey syrup has been infused with orange blossom water from @steenbergs and is truly delicious! Before I share the recipe, I want to try it a couple more times, just to get it right but for now, please let me know how it looks?! Would you like one? ???


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