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Hey guys!

Wonderful news to share with you all, you can now purchase Niki’s Korean Spice Blend on A M A Z O N!
Free delivery and returns on all eligible orders. Shop Niki’s Korean Spice Blend.

Super pleased about this, would love for you all to try this wonderful blend and wanted to make it accessble to you all. Of course, it will always be available on Steenbergs website as well, happy days!

This blend is not spicy and will not blow your head off. I cook a lot of Asian dishes and have to shop around for individual spices. I came up with this vibrant blend to have at hand, for my meat and marinades and as perfect sprinkling for my Korean fried chicken and even other Asian dishes such as egg fried rice and Singapore noodles. A fuss-free and flavourful spice mix, I hope you enjoy it!

Love you all, have a great day!

Niki xoxo

Founder of nikibakes


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Hi there!

Welcome to my page, dedicated to sharing healthy and tasty food for all. Enjoy!

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