Niki’s Easter Rice Crispies

Easter is just around the corner now and of course it will not be the same this year but if you are looking for a quick sweet treat that can get the kids involved or just to treat yourself then you have come to the right place. I do not know when this situation will end for us all but all I can do is share recipes with you so even though I feel helpless myself right now I hope I can help you in some small way in the kitchen at least!

All you need is:

200g of good quality dark chocolate
1 tablespoon of coconut oil (or unsalted butter)
150g of rice crispies

A pinch of happy hippy salt

❤️ Simply melt your dark chocolate and coconut oil/butter over a low heat and add them to your rice crispies (and hear that snap, crackle and pop!) which should be in a large bowl, this will minimise the mess but also help with even coverage of the cereal.
Then using a teaspoon scoop out small spoonfulls from your bowl for your muffins cases. Allow to cool before popping in the fridge to set. I like to finish mine off with a sprinking of happy hippy salt for that extra enhancemet of sweet and salty.

I do hope you give these a try and that you can enjoy Easter in this new world…I am signing out now and wishing you all a very happy Easter, I will be back soon!

Niki xxx


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