Niki’s Pide ?

? You know, sometimes there are food memories that stay with you forever. Pide is certainly one of these food memories for me.

? Whenever I see one, smell one or eat one, I go right back to my childhood where mum used to whip some up for us, she said ‘Look, it’s better than pizza!’ – Now me being teenager Niki, I thought she was utterly crazy but fast forward to 2012 and I’m walking the streets of Istanbul on Istiklal street, taking in all the various sights and smells…it was all so evocative and alluring!

? Oh but that pide…I tried it there and everything changed…my mum was right, pide won and pizza, lost. ? Why do I love it so? It’s thin and crispy base with just the right amount of moist, salty filling make it so so satisfying to eat. It’s a light pleasure to enjoy and I am so happy I can make my own version at home, I like to add just a little less filling and top off with some dairy free cheese if I fancy it.

Would you like the recipe? ?

Afiyet Olsun!

Niki ?


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