? Niki’s G R A M F L O U R P A S T A ?

Hi everyone!

?? How was your weekend? Mine was spent at Leiths cookery school and I had THE best time learning more about gluten free and dairy free dishes. The first recipe we learned was a really soft, silky and easy gram flour pasta.

? Naturally gluten free, you would never know the difference as it tastes neutral but it cooks in half the time of regular pasta and is more easily digestible.

❤️I made enough to serve 4 and more to dry for my next batch at a quarter of the price of regular pasta so I’m pretty pleased with myself! ???

I scoffed this plate down with just a few tricolour cherry tomatoes and good quality extra virgin olive oil, it doesn’t need much else to be honest!

What’s your favourite pasta dish? Let me know!

Niki xxx


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