Niki’s Persian Jam ?

My dad loves jam. When I was younger, I would watch him enjoy spoonfuls of jam on his toast (and occasionally getting it on his moustache!), oh how he enjoyed it! ? Strawberry, apricot and sour cherry are his favourites but there is another he also loves…carrot jam. It may sound a little strange but carrot jam is seriously yummy. It’s a Persian jam that is made with rosewater and crushed cardamom seeds. Super fragrant and very easy to make, I will show you the recipe for my Persian carrot jam and my sour cherry jam, another traditional Persian recipe. ?  For the carrot jam you will need:


1kg of organic carrots, peeled and finely grated

2 organic lemons, zested and juiced

500g of xylitol or stevia

6 cardamom pods, depodded and ground into a fine powder @steenbergstd 

2 tablespoonss of rosewater @steenbergsltd

900ml of water ?‍?Method:

1. In a large saucepan, add all the ingredients apart from the water and leave for 2 hours minimum or overnight for best results,

2. Now, add you water and place over a medium heat. Stir gently until all your sugar has dissolved. Bring up your mixture to the boil and boil rapidly for an hour at 100 degrees.

3. Once reduced considerably, leave to cook for around 1-0-15 minutes then ladle into your sterilised jam jars. Store in the fridge and it will keep for up to 3 weeks.

? For the sour cherry jam you will need:

1kg of organic fresh or frozen sour cherries (I used frozen), stoned

3 medium organic lemons, zested and juiced

500g of xylitol or stevia

1 tablespoon of lemon extract @steenbergsltd 
900ml of water * The method is the same as the carrot jam! * ?

Will you try this jam?

Let me know!

Niki xxx


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