Ask nikibakes: The art of plating ??

I’ve been a chef for over 10 years now and a home cook for much longer but there is always something to learn in the world of food. In fact, the more I cook and plate up my dishes, the more I realise I actually know very little for there is always something new to observe and practice in the culinary world. And I’m glad for it! It keeps me on my toes and it’s constantly exciting and eye opening for me.

? So, what have I learned? Well, there are a few tips that I would like to share in the hopes that you experiment more when plating up your dishes, not just to impress but for yourself, after all, we do eat with our eyes! ??

? nikibakes ‘ tips:

? Less is more…sort of! – Don’t be too stingy with plating up but have just enough so it’s obvious what the dish is. I once plated up 3 carrots on a plate calling it roasted carrots. Don’t ask…

? Choose 3-4 colours and be consistent – Try and choose harmonious colours and stick to it. For example, I am showcasing my triple chocolate brownies with walnut crumb by using a 3rd colour to warm it all up: pink! I used chocolate chips, walnut crumbs, coconut yoghurt, strawberry yoghurt and pink stevia sugar disks to accentuate the presentation and add warmth.

? Garnish with an ingredient that is actually in your dish – Hence why I used chocolate chips and walnut crumb as my garnishes. It would look a little strange (and lacking) if I just garnished with pink stevia sugar disks and nothing else…

? Embrace flower power – You heard me! Even if it’s just one flower, it adds a touch of elegance and it will be your personal signature to the finished dish.

? Always dish up twice – Why? Because, if you make a mistake you can quickly redeem yourself a second time, especially important if you are entertaining guests and you are in a hurry!

? Create shapes – This could be arranging your food in a diagonal pattern, in triangles or be bold and slap it in the middle! You could also play with your sauces and do it in a circle as I have done or using a pastry brush, paint it down the middle, get creative with the shapes and space to create that wow factor.

? Plate up, then walk away just for a moment – But make sure you come back! This is just to give yourself a breather and to revisit as you may have overlooked something that you didn’t see before…

? Wipe the edge of your plate when you’re done – A small yet very important last step!

☺️? Most of all, play around! Experiment explore, make a mess, and make mistakes, but keep going!

I would love to know what tips do you swear by when plating up?

Niki xxx


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