nikibakes is 11!

I shut my eyes and 11 years went by…11 years since nikibakes was born. It started off as just an idea…my own way to share my passion for food with my first digital camera…to journal my thoughts and ideas and its integration with my love for mother nature.

Of course over the years it took a back seat with going to uni, my various jobs and career changes from nursery nurse to esl teacher to a few roles in between that didn’t quite fit in with my future until I finally made massive life changes and took the plunge to become a recipe developer and global food writer.

Working with like minded food companies and private clients has been a source of true joy for me and I look forward to seeing how nikibakes will continue to grow!

I love you, nikibakes.


Hi there!

Welcome to my page, dedicated to sharing healthy and tasty food for all. Enjoy!

Niki x